What distinguishes the NIT Center is its openness to new ideas and projects as well as its willingness to we reach out to those who think our resources can be of help to them and also have an open door for all individuals of the organization and individuals who feel that they can contribute to the work of the Center.

During the EUBID project (EUBID – European Union Support for Business Incubator Development) Ours has been evaluated and evaluated activities and given in the following document.

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Featured projects and results


Immediately after its founding in 2009, the NIT Center participated in two projects:

  • Statistical Overview of the Sandzak Labor Markets
  • Statistical Overview of Employers and Workforce in the Sandžak Region

The results of the project were presented at the SPIN 09 Conference and the Meeting of Business and Scientists entitled “Operational Management and Global Crisis”, held from 05-06. November 2009, and have been published in its entirety in the Proceedings of this Conference and are available at: Link


In 2010, the NIT Center supported the research within the project “Possible directions of economic development of the Novi Pazar region” and the results of this research were presented at the International Conference “Contemporary Issues in Economics, Business and Management”, which was held at the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac, 14 -15. December 2010, and the entire report was printed in the collection of papers from this conference and available at:LINK


In 2015, the NIT Center coordinated the project “Possibilities and limitations of re-industrialization of Serbia” and the results of the research conducted within the project were published in the journal Unite, VOL. 2 (NO. 1): June 2015,


In 2018, the NIT Center launched a survey “Possibilities and Directions of Implementing a Sales Web Site in the Market Positioning of SMEs in the Territory of Serbia”. Based on the research, the project “Strengthening the presence of small and medium-sized enterprises on the Internet” was launched, which will provide the members of the center and interested companies with the opportunity to get a free sales website with all the necessary infrastructure and the need to train their employees in order to manage quality on line sales.