Development of business ideas

As part of its activities, the NIT Center supports business development idea to their tenants. Interested clients with a business idea they think they have deserves attention they can contact the NIt Center team and get an inhouse or remote support. Those who opt to be co-users spaces have the daily support of the NIT Center team as well as a mentor who The Center engages. Support yourself consists in the joint development of a business idea, analysis and project design operationalizing this idea as well as developing a business plan …

Office support

In addition to those selected for business incubator participants, the NIT Center provides office space with the necessary infrastructure, bookkeeping, business law and tax advisory services as well as services to increase the competitive advantage of the product.

Preparing for external investment

Another segment of great importance is the preparation of companies for external investment. NIT Center works with its tenants on incubation and acceleration programs and organizations for those interested is also preparing for external investment, that is, organizing a product presentation to interested investors; and preparing the negotiation of investment conditions.

Tenants of the business incubator in 2020/2021 are: