NIT seeks to become a sustainable pipeline for high-quality, English speaking knowledge workers specifically trained and groomed for success working remotely for US-based companies.

Via our corporate sponsors, we seek to place individual NIT graduates, as well as small and large, cross-functional teams as direct, full-time employees.

Typical job profile

The goal is …

  • Full-time employment, with all taxes paid
  • Company laptop
  • Competitive compensation
  • Good benefits including paid vacation, local holidays, etc
  • Office space provided, if required

Graduates will be groomed for US-based jobs but obviously suitable employment opportunities for English speaking positions in European (or other) companies, as well as local Serbian companies in other locations e.g. Belgrade, will be encouraged.

Graduate expectations

Employment opportunities will be made available to individuals who have

  • Completed necessary courses and training
  • Are certified in all requisite skills i.e. English, typing, SCRUM, soft skills, etc
  • Have accumulated the requisite experience
  • Have been personally approved for release to full-time employment by  NIT

Employer expectations

Employers will be approved and vetted by NIT and will be expected to

  • Provide long-term, sustainable jobs (vs short term assignments)
  • Provide full-time employment with all taxes paid (vs contract)
  • Be open to hiring full teams, maintaining the integrity of existing teams
  • Provide acceptable compensation and benefits (see above) based on general recommendations for each particular graduate commensurate with skills and experience
  • Be NIT corporate sponsors, in good standing, or pay per-hire fees