Training starts with English

All NIT residents will be expected to be proficient in written English, including a high typing speed. Programs will be made available to improve written English, as needed, to gain such proficiency and be officially certified and released for employment.

Other required skills:

  • Resume building, interviewing skills
  • US cultural training and awareness

Hard skills and practical experience

The biggest obstacle to employment for many is the lack of experience, recent graduates have. NIT seeks to provide residents with real experience that can make them viable for employment over time.

Hard skills will be acquired via practical experience involving actual projects managed by the teams themselves. The experience will be accrued by cross-functional teams working on challenging software, marketing, and other projects using AGILE and SCRUM. This experience will expose residents to a variety of stakeholders, internally and externally, including users, customers, and clients.

At the School of code, students learn how to build desktop applications in the C# programming environment, web applications in the ASP, Net environment, and how to develop mobile applications using Xamarin. Students will learn how to use the Azure database, Azure DevOps application development environments, according to Agile methodology using Scrum methods, as well as integrating the application with other tools and integrating API.

  • IT is for women, too

Preincubation is one of the three NIT’s key activities. It includes various levels of intensive coding courses and is also dedicated to our students’ soft skills improvement. At the moment, we are training 81 students divided into three groups (12+23+46), 7 of which (2+2+3) are women, which is less than 10% of a total participants’ number, even though all services we provide to women are free of charge.

Through the course “IT is for women, too“, we strive to additionally motivate girls and women in Novi Pazar, the city with official unemployment of 54%, to get involved in IT. The unemployment rate for younger than 40 years of age is 68%, and working-age women is higher than 75%. The situation is similar in other municipalities in southwest Serbia.

Running the course “IT is for women, too”, we want to improve women’s visibility in the IT industry and positively influence their social position. (see the image)

  • Selling online

Under the circumstances that the modern market defines, small and micro enterprises must redefine their marketing strategies. Within those transformations, selling online is what requires special attention.

When you’re selling online, a customer is only a click away, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. He or she can surf through the offer, shop according to his or her schedule, all of that without any additional expenses and from the comfort of his or her home.

Selling online reduces fixed costs (space rentals, employees’ salaries, and stock in sales facilities) and that’s one of the reasons why you should turn to it. Also, the growing people occupancy and their increasing will of having more free time demotivate them to travel through different places looking for certain products as that way they spend their time, fuel, and patience.

In accordance with the above-said and market needs, we ran the Selling Online Organization Course. It provides the knowledge needed for selling website launching, website maintaining training, selling online organization, billing and goods distribution, online payments, and Serbian online selling legislation. (see the image)

  • Programming for teens

Choose the right time for the right things. Modern world demands involving computers in every single part of our lives. That’s why young people should get familiar with how to manage computers and other devices. Through the course program, they will learn basic concepts of challenges, possible solutions, programming processes, and analyses using the Python programming language. This course is eligible for participants aged from 12 to 15.

  • Basic computer skills

It’s not that everyone had chances to work with basic and most common personal computer software packages. This course is for those who want to learn computer basics (searching for files and how to manage them), basic Microsoft Office skills, Internet use, and other applications, according to participants’ needs and requests. (see the image)

The course is run by a Senior Developer with experience working at a large company, and as mentors trainees have hired software development from the environment.

The course lasts for 3 months and 30 scholarships (two groups) for participants in this call are provided. Scholarships consist of 70% of the course price while the other 30% is paid by students. Scholarships were provided through the international Digital Transformation Support Project.

Soft skills

All NIT residents will be selected by soft skills, values, and potential to succeed as part of a US-based company, although employment is encouraged in Europe and even in other areas of Serbia, e.g. Belgrade.

Everyone will be trained in the core values required for long term success and will be continuously evaluated, as part of their work experience (see below) until they are certified as meeting the acceptable minimum standards.

Holistic approach

In addition to core required skills e.g. English, hard skills and soft-skills, NIT students, residents and startups will all have access to health and wellness training, counseling and resources including:

  • Physical fitness and healthy habits
  • Proper diet, nutrition, and sleep
  • Mental health and positive attitude
  • Abstinence from drugs, smoking and other self-destructive behaviors